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With an Advensys system you have one set of people who not only develop the software you use, but also support you and your organisation in how best to use it.
The same team checks the integrity of your most important data and handles all IT support issues for you.

If thatís the approach youíd like to take, then youíll like the approach we take at Advensys.

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Information about the system modules can be found by following the links on the left side of the page, but hereís a summary of what our solution offers:

  • The complete and comprehensive solution for all areas of your business
    meaning that you will only need one system to handle your Accounting, Sales, Inventory, Prospecting, CRM, Centralised Document Management etc.

  • We integrate Email, Fax and system printing within the solution
    so that you donít have the time and expense of managing these, and everything works together as it should.

  • We include Firewall and Access Control
    to bring you peace of mind that these issues have been designed and managed by professionals.

  • All you need is a web browser
    so when one PC fails it can be replaced by another Windows PC, there is no special software to be loaded Ö and we manage the servers so you donít need to worry about backups, upgrades or any of the other things that need professionals to look after them.

  • Our system will grow with you
    so when you start with a ten user system today, but you expect to need a twenty user system next year and a fifty user system in five years, you have already chosen the right system, weíll upgrade the servers when necessary

  • We developed the software, and we can change it
    Giving you the opportunity to grab new business opportunities in the knowledge that your IT supplier can support you

  • Our software has been developed using the best technology available today
    meaning we can provide development services in a cost-effective manner, because the tool we use delivers productivity gains to us

  • We can provide the servers driving your system either at your premises or hosted from our data centre, depending on which is most cost effective
    and we can advise on which is the best way forward for you. This decision is very important.

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