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Point of Sale

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Whether this is a “retail shop” situation or a “trade warehouse”, the Advensys Point of Sale system gets customers on their way quickly and efficiently.

Summary of Point of Sale (POS):
  • Used by Tills with barcode scanners
  • Retail and Trade Personalities
  • Large invoices and Till Receipts
  • Identifiable Till Operators

POS usually means that the customer will be present when the sale is made. There are no enquiries or quotations - there is just a sale in which there is no way to allocate specific batches of stock. The POS System ignores free on hand stock levels.

Retail POS diagram

The POS interface within the Advensys system is the “Till”. There may be many different tills in each service centre, and each till is represented by a number in the range 1-999. A specific till is associated with just one service centre, therefore, when goods are sold, the deductions are made from stock levels in that service centre only.

Trade POS diagram

The till is a specially configured PC, which will usually have a barcode scanner attached, along with a mechanism for printing till receipts and a cash drawer activated by the receipt printer. Several tills in an area may share one receipt printer and cash drawer or each till may have its own.
The receipt printers are driven centrally from the Advensys Debian Linux server in the Service Centre, not from the PC directly.
The handling of Credit Card payments takes place via a PDQ machine, which is not connected to the Advensys system.

Kiosk POS diagram

Tills are operated by identifiable till operators, a till may be configured so that the operator has to sign in either between every sale, or after a defined number of sales.