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Using the Advensys system will give you the benefits of flexibility to work from anywhere, a system which will evolve with your business and productivity boosted through teamwork Ė all with minimal capital expenditure on software.

  • We save you money on key staff
    You have access to our expertise which means that there is no need for in-house IT expertise.

  • We provide Software as a Service (SaaS)
    SaaS moves IT spend from Capital Expenditure to Revenue spend, which means you donít need to enter into finance agreements or consume cash reserves to drive your business forward.

  • We deploy On-site or hosted solutions
    Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our solution as either an on-premise or a (hosted) cloud computing solution, so that you get the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your business.

  • One system for more than one company
    If you run several companies our system will handle them all, with instant switching between companies for authorised staff. No need to "buy the same system again".

  • We save you time on System Administration
    We backup the system and check basic integrity every day, so that you do not have to waste valuable time on performing backups or system administration.

  • We save you time on running reports
    Because regular reporting is automated, the reports are there and waiting for you when you need them.

  • Your staff can be flexible
    Our Software is from one provider and has a consistent look and feel. This allows your staff to work in different areas of the organisation easily.

  • Our system promotes teamwork
    System workflows are specific to each area of the organisation. They show the status of the work in an area, and give one-click access to the detail of that work. This means that things donít get overlooked or forgotten and everyone can share a common picture of events.

  • Operational Improvement through traceability
    Meaning enhanced productivity and reduced wastage.

  • Our system works with the Web browser
    Unlike any other tool the browser allows data to be maintained and information delivered with just one user interface. This means that changes are reflected instantly in the information people need to do their jobs

  • No specialist software loaded onto any PC
    Every PC has a browser, and the .Net frameworks are available free of charge, which reduces cost and complexity.

  • You have the flexibility to work from anywhere
    Our system uses standard internet protocols to allow secure access without the need for VPN or other added expenditure

  • You have the flexibility to open new branches without IT headaches
    Setting-up a new branch office has no IT complications. Branch offices are plumbed into the same company database structure, and are configured for system printing within the branch, email and basic security. This optimises system performance within the branch.

  • Key information always accessible
    Valuable staff can work from home, hotels or anywhere with web access, minimising disruption caused by weather, family illness etc.

  • Fully integrated system
    Our system maintains all information in a single database, which means that there are no software interfaces to go wrong and no time delays between updates.

  • One number to call for service or support
    Your people call our people for all IT support issues, without call queueing.

  • Upgrades included as standard
    We are constantly introducing new features into our system, which we install on your behalf out of hours to save downtime. You benefit from a system which is constantly evolving.

  • As your needs change our system adapts
    If you spot a business opportunity which may necessitate either a minor or major IT system change, we can adapt the system to help you realise that opportunity.

Advensys Writes, Hosts and Manages Business Systems
We are like a system provider and an in-house IT department rolled into one but at a fraction of the cost.

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